About us


Zelta zaptes ™ ® - these are the natural forest and garden berries and fruit jams. We offer from natural raw materials made jam collections, sample kits and individual recipes, as well as jams with Herbal and spices - perfect for winter time, when the body needs extra vitamins and energy!


Atasco is a small family company. Mom is my creativity when to create a new, special recipe, she is my secure foundation, the patient should avoid hundreds boiler fragrant and delicious jams. My younger brother is full of sharp ideas that are useful. thinking about the development of the company. The man is support in everything I do. His sweet and strong hand helps me cope with all the hard in this life. Also, his experience and ideas in trade creates in me a sense of security that definitively wrong. My dear children, who in addition to their everyday play, take part in our little company's existence. If you now read a small booklet, which is neatly folded, placed in a small bag, or tied to gift sets, you know, it makes my nine years old little bunny. And a second six-year old little bunny really like large staff to carry heavy jars, shifting from one box without the second at this beast, we could not do without in any way! Now the same smallest, only five months little bunny already participate in the family business since, gently lying on the couch next to me, allowing me to work. And my dad- without him hard to imagine that I could make my family life, while great jams boiler or marketed. Also, a great help is my husband's family, who feel with us and help as much as able to grow the berries and fruit. And who am I? Without them-my lovely family- nothing. Enjoy your meal!



Ltd. Atasco mistress Ilze Salta