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Zelta zaptes can be purchased:

The company's production facility A. Caka Street 147, Riga, by prior arrangement by phone. (+317) 26405131

Restaurants, shop owners

We offer to choose our special and delicious jams made from Latvian grown up in the forest and garden berries and fruits, the production process used only natural products have no preservatives, no dyes, no flavuor enhancer i look forward to co-operation partners from the Latvian cities.

We invite you to respond hosts the most beautiful observation sites.

Perhaps you want to create souvenirs devoted only to his district that offer tourists? We can offer you to choose from our assortment of jam, you can also create something new. Wrapped in linen or cotton bag in a bright, for example jam Jaunpils, will be a great memory of your site. If you are interested, call Ilze phone number : 26405131 or e-mail:

New! Create your own jam yourself!

We offer clients to book jam, the combination of the following from the garden and / or wild berries themselves desired proportions: raspberries, lingonberries, cranberries, currants, black currant, gooseberries, rowanberries, plums, quince, apples, blueberries, pears, chokeberry, elderberry.

Also, the customer can choose the amount of sugar jam and one of the three variants of consistency: pouring or partially pouring with berries and fruit pieces, moderately thick with pieces of fruit, or heavy-bodied without berries and fruit pieces (ideal for cake fillings). Minimum order - 5 kg

We are looking for growers

In the manufacture of its products, we use only locally grown berries and fruits in Latvia, therefore we are looking for the Latvian gardeners, with whom we can cooperate for many years. We are interested in all the garden and wild berries and sour / sweet-sour apples, quince, etc. We are looking for also people who have helped us to deliver - collected or bought up large quantities of berries. We buy and rare forest fruits - rose hips, rowan, elder. If you want to cooperate, please call. Ilze 26405131 or e-mail:

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